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I love this deodorant – it just kept me fresh and pepperminty over 4 days of the Otago rail trail 😀

This is a great natural clay and oil based under arm deodorant balm, with an uplifting Peppermint, NZ Kanuka and Sage scent. 20g.  A Jumbo 50g size is a cost effective option which may be selected from the drop box below.

Are you impressed by the cardboard packaging, which can be disposed of in your home compost bin?  I have a little more about  composting my packaging here.


Alongside the natural essential oils in this deodorant balm, probiotics and baking soda fight the good fight against body odor.  The idea with the probiotics is simple.  The application of less intrusive smelling probiotic bacteria are thought to outcompete their more feral, antisocial and stinky bacteria cousins.  Baking Soda is clever in that it neutralizes the very high or very low pH to a more neutral range.  It is the very high and very low pH molecules that cause high stink in nature such as souring smell in milk and spoiling smell of fish.

A little of this natural deodorant balm goes a long way.  Take care before donning your ‘Sunday Bests’ as excess product will transfer onto clothing.

<<Your order will be couriered inside one of two home compostable bag options.  Choose either home compostable plant plastic, or heavy duty card.  If your choice is unknown, it will be sent out in plant plastic.>>


Based on 2 reviews
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  1. Kate Chisnall

    I love using this deodorant, I have been using it for the last three years. It is great at eliminating odor not only on yourself but also on your clothing. It doesn’t mark clothing. I would highly highly recommend this product. It is a great natural product that is very effective.

    • jo

      Thank you Kate, I’m so pleased you like it! 😀

  2. Sarah

    One of my favourites!
    This pit de-stinker is the Bomb. No more aluminium toxins and comes in environmentally friendly packaging.
    This doesn’t mark your clothes and doesn’t sting or aggravate my armpits.

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