Daily Skincare Routine

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For your daily skincare routine, choose from these plant based facial  products. They work together to create healthy, naturally conditioned, clear skin.

Start with a cleanser to remove the daily build up of dirt and excess oils.  Choose from two gentle but effective vegan options. First, a lightly exfoliating Facial Cleansing Powder and second, a massage on rinse off style Creamy Cleanser.

You follow the cleanse step with one or both of these moisturising options, depending on your unique skin needs:

  1. Soothing Salve Day Cream.
  2. Solid Skin Restoring Facial Serum stick.

Soothing Salve Day Cream is skin conditioning and nourishing.  It is the cornerstone of a daily skincare routine.  This cream will deliver moisture and soothe with Rose NZ Hydrosol and plant oils, and lock it in with New Zealand Beeswax.

Facial Serum balm stick will keep dry areas at bay.  This is because application from the stick allows targeted delivery of extra nourishing oils.  Coconut and Rosehip Oils penetrate, but also give the stick gliding consistency that will not pull on delicate skin.

Use the solid balm at night time, to deliver extra care to the delicate eye area and the lips. It will not irritate your eyes.