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Hello, I’m Jo!  This is me making Soothing Salve Day Cream a few years back.

I've been making skincare here for 10 years.

In 2012 with the birth of my son, an interest in natural skincare became an obsession.

When a tiny baby is so close to you all the time, it makes you examine very closely what goes into that close contact with baby environment.  Jo

Today at Mcginns Madefresh, business is conducted with guiding principles:

  • every ingredient is considered in relation to what is safe for people, the waterways, and the planet.
  • we enable our customers to be waste free with refillable packaging, returnable packaging (which is sterilized and reused), and compostable packaging.
  • local ingredients are showcased and local services are always favored
  • Mcginns products are tested only on willing human participants – no animal testing here.

“It just makes sense to buy locally and to conserve our precious resources, just like our grandparents did.”

The Swappa Pot is a new initiative at Mcginns Madefresh.  Why throw away packaging at all, when you can reuse your pot over and over?

Even the home composting plant plastic courier bag is utilized back at Mcginns HQ!  More details including product price list can be found on the Swappa Pot product page, from the link below.

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