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Swappa Pot enables you to be waste free.  This is skincare delivered in resource saving packaging – glass or stainless steel.  AND the courier bags are composted too!  Read more about my compost at Mcginns Madefresh here.

To order, select product from the first drop down box.  Select the size from those options available in the next box.  If you would like the stainless upgrade, please select it in the product box, then also in the size box which will allow you to add it to cart.  You may change the number of pots you would like to upgrade in the cart.  If you live at a Rural Delivery address, please select Rural Delivery from both the product and size boxes to enable the correct postage charge to be applied for your order.


Swappa Pot is Refillable.

I like to believe that skincare does not need to be complicated.  We can keep things simple.  We can use only what we need, when we need it. And, we can conserve resources like our grandparents did. So it was with this in mind that I developed Swappa Pot.  When you purchase Swappa Pot filled with fresh, carefully prepared goodness, you may refill it – meaning there is absolutely no packaging waste. Even the courier bag is composted on its return, with your empty pot, at Mcginns Madefresh HQ!  Save the home compostable plant based plastic courier bag, and send it back to me with your return pots come time to refill.  These bags do not go out to landfill, but are converted to mostly Carbon Dioxide and water in my compost bin. There is no waste!

Which products and what sizes are available for Swappa Pot?

See the table following for those products that are available for this refillable service.  Every product is supplied in glass, unless stainless steel upgrade is selected.  The size and type of glass jar or stainless pot supplied, depends on what suits for the nature of the product, and volume purchased.

The best value for each product comes with purchase of the biggest size, because you save on multiple packing costs.Swappa Pot Refillable Skincare Price Table

Swappa Pot is a NZ wide service, with pick up available from Opawa, Christchurch.

Pick up from me is welcome, and if you live outside of Christchurch you would add postage to your order after putting Swappa Pot in your basket. Your $10.50 + $1.67 for Rural Delivery postage fee, covers not only sending out to you, but also the return courier. When you’ve used your product, just contact me.  I’ll give you $1.50 to offset your next Swappa Pot order, per pot you are returning, saving you even more.  I will also arrange the courier for your empty pot to re-fill. Easy!

Phew, that was a lot to explain! How did I do? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below.
Jo 🙂

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